News – Testimonials

Everyone loves to receive compliments, and we’re no different. Here are some of the encouraging and complimentary messages that have been sent to us. Thank you for your kind words, we really appreciate it!

There are Doctors and THERE are doctors!

On prime retail space, the common element seen is upmarket pricing despite using if not same but almost similar techniques and products.

Dr Z was introduced by a supplier as a no nonsense- practical approach aesthetician. It was not just the factor of the price is right, beyond and above, my visits in the last 3 years with Dr Z, he has been more than pleasant, his professional evolution was pragmatic. To cope with my lifestyle and career, to look and feel on top of my game, I rely on his advises for my skin care regime along with recommended treatments, I’ve benefitted well and truly.-Sharon Oh Nichols-

I met Z on a flight back to Singapore when he asked me to drop by to help me out with my skin. When I saw him he gave me some treatments to clear up my skin and some products to keep my skin looking smooth and healthy. I found his treatments helped to clear my blemishes and I fell in love with his products…especially the eye cream as I found it kept my eyes well moisturized. I highly recommend him as his treatments and products helped me a lot.

Thanks Dr. Z!!

-Jeassea Thyidor, Artiste-

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the treatment and care I received in your clinic (both in Singapore and Manila). I am very happy with the results of my liposelection. Dr Z is friendly, caring and very professional when it comes to his work. My overall impressions of Dr. Aivee and her staff are that of a totally professional, caring and dedicated team interested in the welfare and well-being of their patients. I won’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Z to anybody seeking aesthetic help.

-Pearlyn Lee, Business Development Manager-

I was diagnosed with hypertension and had seen a few doctors who would only give me medication to treat my illness. At that time, I was weighing around 97kg and knew that losing weight is the fastest way to recover from hypertension. I tried very hard in exercising and running but found it hard to lose weight. I was on the verge of giving up until I met Dr Z.

Dr Z went through my condition and he too gave me the same medication that other doctors gave me, but on top of that, he introduced to me an effective way to lose those stubborn fats that had long accumulated around my waist and tummy.

He spent a long time going through the procedures and effects of Mesotherapy with me, and he made sure that I was comfortable with the treatment before we started the injections. He also gave me a rate that was cheaper than those aesthetic centres offered, as it was meant more for treatment than aesthetical needs.

We worked out a schedule which I was comfortable with and got started with a lower dosage, and increasing along the way as required. Combined with regular exercising, I eventually lost about 12kg in 3 months time. My blood pressure returned to normal and I was able to stop taking medication by the 4th month.

From my personal experience, mesotherapy worked best when combined with regular exercise. It was able to breakdown the stubborn fats where exercising alone couldn’t achieve.

Dr Z is a responsible doctor who places highest priority in his patients’ interest and well-being. I have recommended his services to many of my family members and friends for both medical and aesthetical treatment.

-Meng, Operations Manager-