For Your Body


What is Liposculpture?
Liposculpture is revolutionary body shaping procedure to treat and eliminate stubborn fat for a slimmer and shapely silhouette. The technique uses ultrasonic waves to selectively break up fat cells leaving blood vessels, nerves and muscles relatively intact, causing minimal to no pain, discomfort or bruising.

How does Liposculpture work?
Under local anaesthesia, small incisions are made strategically and the while external ultrasonic waves destroy the fats selectively. After this, a hollow tube attached to a suction pump, is inserted under the skin to drain out the oil and fat cell debris. During the procedure, there is minimal pain. After the anaesthesia has worn off, it only feels like the aches and pains that follow a vigorous workout. Compression garments are applied after the surgery and patients go home to rest.

What areas can be treated with Liposculpture?

In addition to larger areas such as the stomach or thighs, Liposculpture is also ideal for delicate areas like the arms, chin and neck.

* Liposculpture procedure will be performed at our day surgery centre.